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Her positive attitude and ability to work hard helped young forest officer, Sudha Ramen, to revive Chennai’s Otteri lake in Vandalur Zoo. The dying lake had once attracted thousands of migratory birds. Now it was all dried up. Sudha took up the challenge, and in less than a year, much has changed. The lake is […]

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Dogs, without a doubt, are man’s best friends. The descendants of wolves, dogs have played a major role in our lives by being our companions. However, over time, they have also emerged as a grave danger to wild birds and animal species. When it comes to India, feral and free-ranging dog population is highly unregulated […]

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As I looked at my first Rhinoceros in the wild, overwhelmed with joy, I wondered if this one was born in Manas, or among those brought in from Kaziranga and Pobitora. Since the 1990’s when there were no Rhinos left in Manas, to 2019, with a stable population on the rise, the national park seems […]

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A former resident of Wayanad wildlife sanctuary who accepted voluntary relocation recounts trials and tribulations of life back then. As a teenager talking and walking through the forests with friends one evening, he had a near-death experience when chased by an elephant. “I very narrowly escaped death,” says Shibu Appu, a school teacher in a […]

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Chambal, Dec 19: The TSA/WCS India Turtle Conservation Project Team is currently experiencing ‘empty nest syndrome’ after releasing 100 Red Crowned Roofed turtle (Batagur kachuga) hatchlings into the Chambal River Sanctuary as part of an annual conservation project. Once widespread across the Gangetic river system, this Critically Endangered species is now restricted to an ever […]

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Meet Daasi, the tribal woman from the Sollepura resettlement colony, who had no clue about farming few years ago, but is now a model farmer! Written by Manish Machaiah Daasi was a widow with ten children, living in the Nagarahole forest and eking a living from selling minor forest produce. Till an opportunity to move […]

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As Nagarahole tiger reserve tribals join the mainstream, the boundaries are blurring. Written by Jayalakshmi K Small vans crammed with household stuff come bouncing along the road and into the Masthigudi relocation centre in H D Kote. The luggage also includes useful bits and pieces of the dismantled huts once lived in. This is the […]

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A long time ago, deep inside the Kali Tiger Reserve, in a cave high up on the hill outside the village of Pesose, a villager entered, only to never return. Perplexed and concerned, the villagers discussed amongst themselves. “Would he have gone to stay there as a sadhu?” one asked, while another questioned, “Do you […]

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