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A former resident of Wayanad wildlife sanctuary who accepted voluntary relocation recounts trials and tribulations of life back then. As a teenager talking and walking through the forests with friends one evening, he had a near-death experience when chased by an elephant. “I very narrowly escaped death,” says Shibu Appu, a school teacher in a […]

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Wayanad, 10 March 2019: A MoU was signed between WCS-India and the Forest Development Agency – Sulthan Batheri, Kerala to support Forest Department in eradication work of the invasive plant species Senna spectabilis from the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. This will be done as per the guidelines of the Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI) by employing […]

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Humans and wildlife live in close confines, leading to negative outcomes. Ongoing voluntary relocation of people from the sanctuary is a clear win-win solution for both. Written By Jayalakshmi K Rughmini and family are finally ‘out of the woods’. Leaving Chettiyalathur that was home for decades is not easy, but the compulsions had been too […]