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From ranking first in the Indian Forest Service (IFS) Exam nearly nine years ago, to now leading the State Forest Training Institute (STFI), Walayar, Kerala, R Keerthi has come a long way in her prestigious career as a forest officer. We spoke to her about her motivations for serving in the IFS, her biggest learning […]

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Prakriti Srivastava is an officer from the Indian Forest Service, currently country director, Wildlife Conservation Society – India. In this interview with Aditi Phadnis, she discusses a host of challenges faced by those who want to conserve wildlife, including the animal-human conflict.   The horrific incident in which an elephant died in Kerala recently has […]

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By Aashika Ravi After our reportage on the Kerala Forest Department’s efforts to support interior forest communities during the lockdown, the state Forest Department has released a video documenting its efforts. Meanwhile, we received multiple responses from other state forest departments carrying out similar initiatives.     We spoke to Satovisha Samajder, Divisional First Officer, Balod, […]

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By Aashika Ravi   In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown of the nation, the safety and livelihood of forest communities has been shrouded in uncertainty. At this juncture, inspiration can be taken from the Kerala Forest Department’s efforts to contain the spread of the virus within forest communities in the […]

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August 12, 2019: The death toll from the recent rains in Kerala stands at 80, with 58 people missing and 2.5 lakh living at 1639 relief camps, as per ANI news agency. At least 2,966 houses have been damaged completely. This time too, people have rallied around to help those in need. Among them is […]