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The Serengeti is a vast and varied landscape, with savannah, hilly woodland and grasslands thrown in. The Amrabad Tiger Reserve in Telengana is one of the biggest parks in India. Here too, you will find a mix of dry, deciduous scrub, woodland and grassland, with what some ecologists believe are a savannah spread. If the […]

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Despite tough conditions under which they work, they plod on and face the most daunting prospects with calmness and courage.   Temperatures are a blazing 40 deg C. The dry, deciduous forest landscape is stark and offers not much shade from the sun’s relentless scorching. Often it feels like the hot air from a hair […]

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MEET OUR STAFF: IMRAN SIDDIQUI Imran Siddiqui’s journey, from visiting zoos to becoming a wildlife expert, speaks volumes of his one-track dedication and passion.