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A former resident of Wayanad wildlife sanctuary who accepted voluntary relocation recounts trials and tribulations of life back then. As a teenager talking and walking through the forests with friends one evening, he had a near-death experience when chased by an elephant. “I very narrowly escaped death,” says Shibu Appu, a school teacher in a […]

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A donor pitches in to help a family struggling inside a national park to start a new life outside. Written by Anisha Iyer A house deep inside the Kudremukh National Park with the nearest town 6 km away. A 22-year-old child who is an Endosulfan victim and needs constant help. A young daughter who had […]

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A fan club for a crop-raiding elephant may seem a paradox but if Chinna Thambi (meaning little brother), a wild elephant has been left free (for now) and not captured and tamed as per initial pans, it was thanks to the club. This tusker in Coimbatore has been raiding crops in the field and also […]

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Bangalore, Jan 10, 2019: Whether it be the folklore of Himachal Pradesh where locals believe that the leopard guides people to their homes, or in Sumatra where the tiger takes on that role, these lores and beliefs play an important role in people accepting wildlife and co-existing with them. The curiosity and willingness to learn […]

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Written By Kunal Sharma Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve – a blip on the map that evokes a thousand stories of India’s famed wildlife, a park that has achieved international significance as the capital town of wildlife sightings of India. A park that has emerged as one of India’s favourite tourist destination with hordes of people […]

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Permission sought to kill ‘man-eater’ leopard  Leopard roams inside industrial area in Navi Mumbai Panic as leopard checks into airport, campuses  … Written By Dr Vidya Athreya The Wildlife Protection Act 1972 clearly states that you cannot trap a leopard (Schedule 1 species) only because it has been seen. But this happens everyday somewhere or […]

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IFS officers saw and heard the success story of Bhadra when they went visiting the relocation sites and the tiger reserve. The hushed silence for an hour or more as the forest department jeep trundled on the patchy roads of Muthodi  Range inside Bhadra Tiger reserve was almost reverential. The bamboo dominant moist deciduous forests […]

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As conflict situations increase, there are lessons to be learnt from the past. Looking at the source of the conflict and solving it could help provide a long-term solution rather than a shoot-and-kill approach. Written by Mrunmayee Amarnath   Suddenly and sadly, ‘problem tigers’ and ‘problem leopards’ are everywhere in the country. Following the removal […]