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By Aashika Ravi “Before 2009, we had never planted a mangrove before, we were working on wildlife and tigers. Cyclone Aila was an eye-opener for us ﹘ whatever you do in the Sundarbans, it has to be mangrove conservation in essence. If the mangroves are not there, the wildlife won’t be there, the people won’t […]

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Climate change and habitat degradation are the prime reasons, and both point to human activity.   Almost on the dot, exactly a year after the 2018 floods the rains poured down on Kerala causing havoc and claiming lives once again. Some new areas were affected catching residents by surprise, but some of those affected last […]

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Scientists at the University of Sheffield have discovered how climate change and deforestation interact to push species towards extinction Between 2000 – 2012 an area of tropical forest bigger than India lost its ability to link tropical wildlife with a habitat that would protect them from rising temperatures The study is the first to investigate […]

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A major carbon sink underwater, seagrass ecosystems need to be understood better if they are to be conserved.   Recent dire warnings from the World Meteorological Organisation say that impacts of global warming are accelerating and driving global temperatures to dangerous levels. At around the same time, the International Energy Agency also reported that carbon […]