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Ashwini Ramesh shares notes from her interactions and learning from physicist-cum-ecologist Ramana Athreya, credited with the discovery of a rare and critically endangered bird. “..and this is Planet Earth” echoed David Attenborough. I sat transfixed as I watched the beautiful male bird-of-paradise perform its mating dance ritual. In my eighteen years of education, I had […]

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April 23, 2019: WCS-India Country Director Prakriti Srivastava along with Sahila Kudalkar (Program Manager, Combating Wildlife Trafficking) visited Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary and the neighbouring Singchum Community Reserve in Arunachal Pradesh from 19th-22nd April 2019. Dr. Umesh Srinivasan, WCS-India, who has played a crucial role in getting the community together and forming the community reserve introduced […]