Meta-population Dynamics of Tigers in Malenad-Mysore Landscape of Karnataka

Year: 2008-2017

Since 2006 we have initiated a long-running and important project, the ‘Meta-population dynamics of tigers in Malenad-Mysore landscape in Karnataka’. The research activities under this project include the continuation of long-term monitoring of tigers and prey populations at selected sites, with estimates of tiger distribution and abundance across the Mysore-Malenad Tiger Landscape (MMTL), Karnataka, India. The research team contributes actively to the development of field and analytical techniques that are used to monitor tiger and prey populations across a wide range of habitats and densities.

As an ongoing effort, we are currently developing spatially-explicit modeling tools to analyze long-term tiger population data in an open population modeling framework. We are also developing new models to enhance understanding of tiger meta-population structure and functioning. We continue to collaborate with international and national institutions and individuals, who contribute to the research and outreach scale of the program.

The project impacts conservation positively as it includes locating, nurturing and empowering capable citizens to sustain tiger conservation efforts.