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26 February 2020, Bengaluru: Mr. Luke Warwick, Associate Director for Sharks and Rays program at WCS, New York, USA and Mr. Daniel Fernando, Co-Founder of the Blue Resources Trust in Sri Lanka, visited the WCS-India office in Bengaluru on February 26th. The day-long meeting involved Prakriti Srivastava, Director, WCS-India, and WCS-India’s Marine team briefing the visitors on the current projects and the upcoming Sharks and Rays project in India.

Mr. Warwick spoke about the WCS’s Sharks and Rays program, and about importance of research, strategic funding, regulation and enforcement of policy in Shark conservation. Mr. Fernando briefed the gathering on the work at Blue Resources Trust, which aims at using research to facilitate sustainable use of marine resources. Both the visitors discussed policy gaps in Sharks and Rays conservation in depth. This was followed up with a discussion on the work plan for Sharks and Rays in India.

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