TSA celebrates World Wetlands Day with many activities

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Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA), India, a field project of Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)-India, celebrated World Wetlands Day on February 2 by setting up exhibition stalls, participating in nature walks and engaging in talks at various state-level events organized by forest departments.


Nature walk organized at Kaziranga Tiger Reserve

TSA participated in the state level function organized by the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department (UPFD) in association with Uttar Pradesh Wetland Authority at Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, Agra.

“We put up stalls at the event to educate children about wetlands and the importance of conserving these bio-diversity hotspots. The event gave us the opportunity to interact with policy makers as well. We educated kids about the importance of aquatic wildlife and their conservation, apart from engaging them in various activities around wetlands conservation,” said Dr. Shailendra Singh, director, TSA India.

The event witnessed stalls by many other organizations showcasing various activities done by them in the field. Dara Singh Chauhan, Minister of Forest and Environment, UP, along with DG-NMCG Rajiv Ranjan Mishra and other officers of UPFD visited the stalls and appreciated the work on display.

TSA Assam organized events with Biswanath Wildlife Division, Kaziranga Tiger Reserve, Assam Forest Department, at Kaziranga National Park. The event involved talks organized on wetland conservation followed by a nature walk around Kalidubi Beel wetland in Kaziranga National Park.


TSA exhibition stall in Agra

“Earlier, most of such events were held in the cities. That is when we started reaching out to government officials with the request to organize these events on the field, as on-site activities are always better than classroom activities. In the event organized in Agra, many children got the opportunity to see the wetland for the first time ever,” said Dr Shailendra.

Pranjal Barua, range officer, Biswanath Ghat wildlife division, joined the walk; and Parimal Chandra Ray, Krishna Das and Arpita Dutta from the TSA team participated in the walk.


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