WCS-India Marine Conservation Team speaks at the Parikrma Festival of Science 2020

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January 21-23, 2020: Parikrma Humanity Foundation conducted the Parikrma Festival of Science (PFOS) 2020 themed ‘Marine Life Into The Deep’ at Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Applied Science and Research (JNCASR), Bengaluru. The aim of the three-day festival was to introduce children from different age groups to the world of marine biology. In addition to piquing their curiosity towards all things marine, it was an opportunity for the kids to interact with individuals involved in different aspects of marine research and conservation.

Poster of the Festival of Science: Marine Life Into The Deep

On the first day of the festival, four members of the WCS-India Marine Conservation Program Dr. Elizabeth Matthews, Dr. Vardhan Patankar, Zoya Tyabji and Avik Banerjee – were invited to share their experiences in the marine realm. They spoke about what got them interested in this field, shared their experiences and spoke about threats to marine life as encountered by them first-hand. These interactions gave rise to some interesting questions from audience members such as the legitimacy of no-take zones or asking the speaker about his favorite marine creature. It also gave the Marine Conservation Program team an opportunity to connect with young members of the society and inspire the next generation of biologists and conservationists.

Dr. Vardhan Patankar speaks about his experience in working on corals

Zoya Tyabji introduces the imminent threats to sharks and rays in India

Avik Banerjee shares his childhood memories that got him interested in marine biology

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