WCS-India and Reef Watch Marine Conservation to enter into an MoU

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January 22, 2020: WCS- India’s Marine Conservation Program and Reef Watch Marine Conservation will soon be entering into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for future collaborative efforts towards marine conservation. Reef Watch Marine Conservation is a non-profit organization involved in research, education and outreach activities since 1993.

In the picture (From left to Right): Dr. Elizabeth Matthews, Dr. Vardhan Patankar, Ms. Nayantara Jain, Mr. Syed Abrar, Ms. Nupur Kale, Ms. Prakriti Srivastava, Mr. Karan Deshpande, Ms. Deepika Sharma and Ms. Zoya Tyabji.

The decision to do so was finalized in a meeting at the WCS offices in Bengaluru. This meeting was attended by members of WCS, namely, Dr. Elizabeth Matthews (Associate Director for Marine Conservation, Asia/Pacific), Prakriti Srivastava, (IFS and Country Director), Dr. Vardhan Patankar (Head, Marine Conservation Program), Zoya Tyabji (Project Associate), Nupur Kale (Project Associate), Karan Deshpande (Project Assistant), Deepika Sharma (Project Assistant); the representatives from Reef Watch were Nayantara Jain (Executive Director) and Syed Abrar (Communications Coordinator).

At the meeting, Nayantara Jain introduced Reef Watch and discussed their on-going work in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands as well as in coastal Karnataka. Their current projects include efforts towards skill training for children to identify island flora and fauna, creating a database for marine ecosystems from dive centres and reef restoration programs in Swaraj Dweep. She also described a recently initiated marine megafaunal stranding response network in Kundapur.

Subsequent discussion during the meeting brought forth the need for collaboration between diverse stakeholders including various government departments and institutions as well as non-profit organizations. As observed in the past, joint efforts between these agencies have led to effective management and conservation of marine ecosystems. Therefore, through this partnership, WCS-India and Reef Watch hope to assist one another in ongoing and future projects in the country to create a robust system to conserve its coasts.

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