Illegal timber mill’s license in Raipur revoked

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The Chhattisgarh Forest Department has cancelled license of the illegal timber trader operating in a village near Balod in Raipur, Chhattisgarh.  It should be noted that the Department had launched an operation on December 12 and had seized huge catch of logs along with wood cutter machines from the mill. The action was taken under the supervision of Divisional Forest Officer (DFO), Satovisha Samajder.

WCS-India had reported earlier that the illegal trade was being carried out in the name of a ghost company called Girnar Traders. After the catch, the department had given a 48 hours’ notice to the company owner to produce relevant document. However, in absence of any documents produced, the license of the mill stands has been.

“We have annulled the license of Girnar Traders, a ghost company operating under Girnar Poha Mill, illegally. The owner was given 48 working hours to produce document to prove that they are genuine and not a ghost company. However, since no paper has reached us, we have declared it as a ghost company and license has been cancelled. Soon, action will be taken against Girnar Poha Mill too,” said Satovisha.

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