Discussions on habitat consolidation with Dr. Luke Hunter

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Big cat biologist Dr. Luke Hunter, the Executive Director of the Big Cats Program at Wildlife Conservation Society visited Nagarahole, Bandipur, and Wayanad during his visit to India. Further, Ms. Prakriti Srivastava, Director WCS-India, and WCS-India staff briefed him on the current projects and the importance of consolidating habitats in the Western and Eastern Ghats through voluntary relocation and other interventions. He was also brought up to date on future work in collaboration with the Central and State governments.

Dr. Hunter said WCS-India was a flagship program for WCS Global. A big cat biologist himself, he was very impressed by WCS-India’s efforts for science and conservation for the protection of big cats, prey and their habitats. Luke has also published several books on big cats around the world.

Here are few of Dr. Hunter’s books:

Carnivores of the world

Field Guide to Carnivores of the World

Cats of Africa

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