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July 1, 2019: Sometimes a loud scream can be an effective tool to stun your opponent in a hostile encounter. This was demonstrated in a self-defence workshop for the staff conducted at the WCS-India office premises.  The workshop conducted by Mr Praneet Goteti focussed on using the body and surroundings, with self-awareness being an important aspect of the defense mechanism. It was an interactive session where basic physical combat strategies were showcased. It covered topics on how to avoid harm and be aware in certain assault locations and situations.

Praneet Goteti (Right) demonstrating some basic defense methods

Kiran Yadav, Research Assistant at WCS-I said, “The training was very useful to deal with local people in the field. Also very useful for some parts of cities like Bangalore, where you feel unsafe to walk in the night.” Parvathi Prasad, another Research Assistants who is out at field sites often added, “While one can never be fully prepared to counter an attack, the workshop provided useful tips on defending oneself effectively. The practical component of the workshop was both useful and fun.”

WCS-India Team learning some techniques.

The trainer Praneet Goteti was also thrilled to share his knowledge with the staff. “I enjoyed sharing my knowledge of basic self-defense concepts with all the participants at the workshop and also learning from their experiences.  My hope is that the basic concepts and approach covered helps the staff in their daily lives which often takes them to remote locations in the field.”

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