Film Screening: Wilderness Rekindled

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April 23, Bangalore: A film screening was held at WCS-India head office in Bangalore. The film, Wilderness Rekindled: Partnering Nagaland’s Conservation Movement is made by WCS-India staff Pragyan Sharma and it showcases the work done by the team led by WCS-India scientists Dr. Varun Goswami and Dr. Divya Vasudev.

The film, based on a project that started over three years ago, is a journey of how science and community engagement is informing conservation in Nagaland, hand-in-hand with its people. Through the course of this journey, the team worked closely with villages that had good forests, to conduct both ecological and social surveys, and assess mammal distribution and local support for conservation. The team surveyed over 40 villages across Nagaland over the three years, with the long-term objective of facilitating connectivity between wildlife habitats in India and Myanmar.

The film gives a quick dekko of the land and the project.


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