Field visit to Amrabad Tiger Reserve

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Feb 15-17, Hyderabad: The M.Sc students of Wildlife Biology and Conservation from NCBS recently visited the Amrabad Tiger Reserve in Telangana as part of field studies. They learnt about the ecology of the landscape from research scholars Sachin Sridhara and Shashank Ongole. How trees adapt to the heat, the various possible techniques, methods to calculate carbon absorption in a plot of trees, seed dispersal by birds and ungulates, and so on were some topics of discussion.

The students also learnt to identify scat and gained insight about the wildlife that thrive in these locations. They interacted with Imran Siddiqui, WCS-India Assistant Director and Director of HyTiCos – Hyderabad Tiger Conservation Society and learnt about the challenges of  conserving such landscapes. Visits to the local villages gave them an idea into the expectations of the Chenchu tribes and hitches around voluntary relocation.


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