MoU for removing invasive species in Wayanad Sanctuary

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Wayanad, 10 March 2019: A MoU was signed between WCS-India and the Forest Development Agency – Sulthan Batheri, Kerala to support Forest Department in eradication work of the invasive plant species Senna spectabilis from the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. This will be done as per the guidelines of the Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI) by employing the members of the  Eco Development Committee of  Muthanga  and flood-affected families of the area. The Royal Bank of Scotland Foundation is providing the funds for the project.


Killivalavan signing the MoU on behalf of WCS-India in the office of Wildlife Warden, Wayanad – Kerala


Research by  KFRI had found the invasive plant species has spread  around 10% of the open areas in Muthanga and Tholpetty ranges of the sanctuary and established that the species was a threat to forests. The institute has found an effective way of removal of the species which will be adopted during the project.

A fast-growing species, Senna spectabilis can replace other natural vegetation which provides fodder to the wildlife. Conventional ways to get rid of the species have not been effective.


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