The Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

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Hyderabad Tiger Conservation Society, WCS-India, and Annapurna International School of Film & Media bring to you The Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival On Tour: Hyderabad. The Festival will be organised on the 8th, 9th and 10th of March, 2019 at the Shiva Preview Theatre, Annapurna Studios.

All the films being projected over the three days are a part of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, who is our collaborator for the content.

There will be a wildlife photography exhibit from photographers based in Hyderabad. It is set to be displayed on the 9th and 10th of March. The photographers exhibiting there will be Jitendra Govindhani, Ravi Naidu, Masood Hussain, and the likes. The Chief Guest, Shri Indrakan Reddy Garu (Hon. Minister for Forests, Telangana) will be launching the event, in the presence of the PCCF, Telangana, and the APCCFs.

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NO ENTRIES WITHOUT REGISTRATION. For queries, call 040-4858-0883 between 11am and 4pm, Monday to Saturday, or write to

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