Talks held with Rajasthan Forest Department on ways to conserve GIB

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Experts who met to discuss ways to conserve the Great Indian Bustard and its habitat. © H S Sathya Chandra Sagar

Country Director of WCS-India, Prakriti Srivastava met Mr. C.S. Ratnasamy IFS (PCCF and HoFF), Mr. Arindam Tomar IFS (CWW), Dr. G.V. Reddy IFS (PCCF TREE) and Mr. Arijit Banerjee IFS (APCCF Forest Protection), all senior officials of Rajasthan Forest Department, to reaffirm the immediate need to save the Great Indian Bustard and its habitat in Rajasthan. She was accompanied by international experts Dr. Nigel Collar (Chair of IUCN Bustard Specialist Group) and Dr. Paul Donald (Global Science Coordinator, Birdlife International), scientist from BNHS Dr. Sujeet Narwade and staff of WCS-India.

They discussed the challenges in protecting the existing populations of GIB and helping the species recover in Rajasthan. Dr. Collar and Dr. Donald shared their experiences and gave important scientific inputs on the ecology of GIB and its habitat needs.

A comprehensive plan will soon be developed. © H S Sathya Chandra Sagar

Based on the meeting, a comprehensive strategy of in-situ conservation including site-specific measures will be designed by WCS-India in close collaboration with the international experts. WCS-India is also looking forward to a long-term collaboration with the Rajasthan Forest Department to secure the grassland habitat of GIB and help recover GIB populations in the state.

The Great Indian Bustard is listed as Critically Endangered in the IUCN Red List, and is on the verge of extinction. Considering its precarious condition, emergency measures are required to save its last remaining populations in India.

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