WCS-India Job Opening: Eco-tourism Carrying Capacity Study

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WCS-India is hiring a Research Assistant for the Eco-tourism Carrying Capacity study in Chilika, Odisha. We are looking for a candidate with a minimum of a Master’s degree in related field and with relevant experience in eco-tourism studies and /or wetland ecosystem.


  1. Master’s/Ph.D degree in related field
  2. Inter-personal skills, and the ability to work well with a team
  3. Good written and spoken communication skills
  4. Prior field experience with ecotourism, or wetland ecosystems, or similar field
  5. Ability to independently conduct field projects
  6. Working knowledge of GIS and basic survey techniques

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Conduct eco-tourism carrying capacity study in a part of Chilika Lake in Odisha and other ecotourism sites
  2. Planning and coordination of field surveys
  3. Mammal, bird or flora identification
  4. Conduct capacity building workshop for multiple stakeholders
  5. Analysis of the information
  6. Report writing on completion of the study

Preference will be given to motivated candidates who are willing to commit for long-term and can independently work on the project. Remuneration will be in accordance with qualifications and experience.

Eligible candidates please may respond with an email to <info@wcsindia.org> with the subject line “Application: Eco-tourism project, January 2019” with a brief note (100 words) stating your interest in the project and relevant experience, along with your most recent resume.

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  1. mahesh ms says:

    i will jion wcs

  2. Mohit choudhury says:

    With all due Respect I am currently doing my Bsc in zoology in bhubaneswar and looking for some oppurtunities to volunteer in research field and learn more about wildlife . Is there any oppurtunities for young ones for volunteership?

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