Businesswoman contributes ten lakh towards voluntary relocation

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Anju, a businesswoman and wildlife conservationist at heart, has contributed Rs 10 lakh to WCS-India towards voluntary relocation of people from Protected Areas. Anju said, “When I came to know of the noble cause of working for voluntary relocation and conservation being done by WCS-India, I was eager to be a part of it as it resonated with my prayer, to leave no one behind, as we progress ahead.”

Welcoming the generous donation, Prakriti Srivastava said, “I am grateful to Anju, for her significant financial contribution towards the conservation of wildlife and wild spaces.  Her contribution will create real value for the community and for wildlife.  I commend her on this important step and hope that others are inspired by her example, to contribute towards wildlife conservation.”

The organisation has been working with the forest departments of many states to assist them in the process of voluntary relocation in a fair and equitable manner. It has assisted the Forest Departments to relocate and rehabilitate over 1000 families from remote pockets in the forests of Karnataka and around 250 families in Kerala.

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