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Shilpa S L,  RFO, Chikmagalur

Dec 5, 2018: On World Soil Day, Shilpa S L, RFO, Chikmagalur booked a person for illegal quarrying in Mallenahalli state forest, Chikmagalur range. The accused had been warned twice earlier by the DyRFO but persisted. He was supplying stones to a resort in the region.

Not only is such quarrying prohibited in the protected area, it has a deleterious effect on the surroundings. The land degradation and in some cases landslides have been linked to such mindless quarrying.

Chikmagalur is witnessing a spurt in footfall with over 85 lakh tourists visiting the region annually. To cater to them, new homestays and resorts are mushrooming, many flouting regulations. With these come the demand for roads, power lines, etc that see the forest cover slowly giving way.


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  1. DINAKAR JALA says:

    I am proud to have a sincere officer like you who is exercising duties righteously. It is tough is to handle such rampant activities as it is supported by money and muscle power. To protect our forest one and all shall support you and I do…

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