Shreedev Hulikere

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Shreedev Hulikere, a third generation coffee grower from Chikmagaluru, can trace his ancestry living on these “blessed lands” for at least five generations. Besides being a coffee connoisseur, who can wax eloquent on the various flavours and requirements to get a good crop, he is a local citizen in tune with the needs of the people, animals and the land. He remains a vital cog in the region’s meaningful environmental movement, the WildCAT C (Wildlife Conservation Action Team, Chikmagaluru) having been a part, right from its inception. WildCAT C has been instrumental in stopping ill-thought out projects that would have wrecked havoc on the delicate flora & fauna that co-exist in this fragile global bio-diversity hotspot. Shreedev has played an important role in preventing the degradation of the land that is Chikmagaluru.

He understands that the coffee estates surrounding and connecting important wildlife pockets in the area are essential to further the cause of conservation. In this regard he is pioneering a movement with other growers to ensure wildlife friendly practices on their farms as well as encouraging a heightened level of tolerance to the presence of wild animals on their lands. Shreedev has been associated with WCS-India since 1999.

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