Wildlife Week Contest Winners

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A big thanks to all of you who participated in our contest. We salute your concern and interest for wildlife conservation and wish you all the best. All the entries are praise-worthy and highlight various challenges facing wildlife conservation in the country. From roadkill to development pressures, conflict to poaching, the images and stories capture the problems facing wildlife. However, based on certain criteria our panel has picked three most ‘telling’ entries, in both sections.

Here are the three most effective entries. The pictures and short stories will be shared on our gallery and blog in the coming days.

Conservation Picture Contest

  1. Feral dog feeding on a black buck carcass – Prasad Natarajan
  2. Capture of wild elephant following human-elephant conflict – Madhu Mugtihalli
  3. Langur road kill – Giridhar Kulkarni

Conservation Story Contest

1. When the peacock won the battle –Rao Vandana Parankusam
Link: http://wcsindia.org/home/2018/10/10/when-the-peacock-won-the-battle/

2. Rightful inheritors – Suhas S N
Link: http://wcsindia.org/home/2018/10/14/the-rightful-inheritors-of-the-earth/

3. Mercy on a Monday Morning – Khushi Jain
Link: http://wcsindia.org/home/2018/10/19/mercy-on-a-monday-morning/

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