Dr. Divya Vasudev

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Dr. Divya Vasudev joined WCS India Program in 2014 and is currently working as Associate Director – Conservation Science. She obtained her Masters of Science from the multi-institutional post-graduate program in Wildlife Biology and Conservation in 2006, offered by NCBS in collaboration with WCS – India Program. She obtained her Doctorate from University of Florida in 2013, majoring in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, under the advisement of Dr. Robert J. Fletcher. Her thesis was titled ‘Species Dispersal Behavior and Connectivity in Fragmented Landscapes’.

Divya’s broad-scale interests are in applying scientific research to the conservation of species in fragmented landscapes. As part of her doctoral dissertation research, she formulated a framework for the systematic incorporation of species- and individual-specific traits into our understanding of species dispersal limitations. She then went on to focus on two intrinsic constraints in terms of their influence on our theoretical understanding of connectivity and our practice of connectivity conservation. First, she assessed the influence of mate choice on post-dispersal reproductive success, and hence on shaping spatial patterns on effective dispersal between populations. Second, she used observations on movement behavior of the endangered western hoolock gibbon to prioritize conservation fragments in a heterogeneous landscape. Divya has received awards and grants from multiple institutions including the Bay and Paul Foundation, University of Florida and the Rufford Small Grants Program.  She has also been awarded the Government of India’s Department of Science and Technology INSPIRE Faculty Award.

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