WCS scientists Dr Ullas Karanth and Dr Krithi Karanth jointly awarded by Woodland Park Zoo, USA.

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BENGALURU, 23 March 2018: On behalf of Wildlife Conservation Society, India Program, we are pleased to share that Dr K Ullas Karanth and Dr Krithi Karanth have been jointly awarded the Conservation Leadership Award by the Woodland Park Zoo at the Thrive Leadership Awards ceremony for their dedication to the study and conservation of tigers and other mammals. The ceremony was held at Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, USA, on 27 February 2018.

Dr Ullas Karanth is the Director for Science, Asia at the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and is considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on tigers. He has conducted extensive research on their ecology, and pioneered the use of remote cameras for studying prey-predator relations and population density of big cats. Dr Krithi Karanth is an Associate Conservation Scientist with WCS, and her work encompasses a broad range of issues examining human dimensions of wildlife conservation. Her research provides insights into the patterns of mammal extinctions, the impacts of wildlife tourism in reserves, and the consequences of voluntary resettlement and land use change. Together, they have published more than 200 scientific articles and authored several books, with their work featured in world media including National Geographic, NPR, Scientific American, BBC, CNN, New York Times, Time Magazine and Animal Planet.

The Thrive Leadership Awards honoured individuals and a local corporation who have demonstrated their commitment to protecting wildlife and the environment around them and advancing Woodland Park Zoo’s mission of conservation. “We honoured some incredible leaders in wildlife conservation—individuals whose dedication to preserving the human-animal connection on this planet spans decades, continents and even conservation methods,” said Woodland Park Zoo’s President and CEO, Alejandro Grajal.

Ms Prakriti Srivastava, Country Director, WCS India Program, said “I am delighted to learn that Dr Ullas Karanth and Dr Krithi Karanth have been honoured with the Conservation Leadership Award by Woodland Park Zoo. Dr Ullas Karanth pioneered the first ever scientific study of tiger and prey populations and has introduced new perspectives to wildlife research in India. Dr Krithi Karanth’s work has provided valuable insights into human dimensions of wildlife conservation through her work with communities that live in and around wildlife habitats. I, on behalf of the entire WCS India Program fraternity, would like to congratulate them on being conferred this prestigious award.”

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