D.V. Girish

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Armed with an unwavering commitment to conservation, Mr. DV Girish has been associated with WCS – India Program as a conservation partner since 1994.

A resident of Chikmagalur, in Karnataka, Girish has worked towards wildlife conservation and intervention by educating and training thousands of people, especially children in the last 20 years. He has played an active role in advocating key conservation interventions in Bhadra landscape in the Western Ghats. He has also been responsible for many positive reforms like rehabilitation of villages from wildlife habitats, to the closure of mining, dams, resorts and other commercial projects in Kudremukh. He has helped found Bhadra Wildlife Conservation Trust, Nature Conservation Guild, and WildCat-C – locally active conservation groups based in Chikmagalur. He is recognized internationally for his involvement and role in the relocation of  14 villages out of Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary by interacting closely with the people and government institutions.

Girish was conferred with the WCS Service Award in 1998, the Karnataka Rajyotsava District Award in 2001, the Carl Zeiss Wildlife Conservation Award in 2002, and the Tiger Gold award in 2004 in recognition of his outstanding services to wildlife conservation.

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