Vinay Kumar M.C.

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Mr. Vinay Kumar joined the WCS – India in 2010. He currently works as Assistant Director – Conservation support and policy. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Bangalore University in 1986. A Customs Officer by profession, he has served as a Union Leader at Customs both at the State and National level. He has also represented the Karnataka State Junior/senior Hockey team in various state and national level tournaments.  He has represented Karnataka Customs and Central Excise Hockey team in state/national level tournaments for more than 10 years and was also the Departmental Table Tennis champion during the early 2000.

Vinay began volunteering with WCS – India in the year 2004. Based in Bangalore, Vinay, using his strong inter-personal skills and a wide network of social contacts, engages with senior government officials, elected representatives, and social leaders to foster conservation support and timely policy interventions.  He is involved in the relocation and habitat-consolidation programs of WCS-India.

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