The term Wildlife Conservation Society - India Program, describes the work of several partner institutions engaged in saving wildlife and wild lands in full compliance with all Indian laws.

WCS-India Program has combined cutting-edge research on tigers and wildlife, with national capacity building and, effective site-based conservation through constructive collaborations with government and non-governmental partners. Uncompromisingly committed to wildlife conservation, WCS-India Program inspires and nurtures positive attitudes towards nature in people through its scientific and conservation endeavors.

Over the last 30 years, WCS - India Program has achieved many conservation milestones.

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Initiated by WCS-India, managers, conservationists, and scientists working in the grassland landscapes met and deliberated on issues related to grasslands, seeking an action plan that could help the government and stakeholders in the management of what is often unfortunately treated as ‘wastelands’.

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551, 7th Main Road
Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, 2nd Phase
Kodigehalli, Bengaluru - 560 097
Karnataka, India

Phone: 080-2973-7455
email: info@wcsindia.org

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